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Temple Re-open

Temple is open for public worship with special restrictions in place to comply with Government regulations.

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Online Bookings are here

We are now accepting online bookings for Abishakam/Aruchani/Special Poojas and Donations.

All payments can be made securely via the online payment system (eWAY), we accept MasterCard and Visa.

Please call or email if you need more information or assistance.

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Online Bookings
Online Bookings



அருவமும் உருவும் ஆகி அனாதியாய்ப் பலவா யொன்றாய்ப்
பிரமமாய் நின்ற சோதிப் பிழம்பதோர் மேனி யாகக்
கருணைகூர் முகங்கள் ஆறும் கரங்கள்பன் னிரண்டும் கொண்டே
ஒருதிரு முருகன் வந்தாங்கு உதித்தனன் உலகம்


Sydney Murugan Temple 2022 - 2023 Calendar 


Primary Objectives of the Saiva Manram

  • Provide a forum, place, premises and/or facilities for worship, prayer, teaching and other related religious and philosophical activities, based on the Saivaism and Tamil language
  • Undertake the provision and continued operation and maintenance of a place of worship with Lord Murugan, the traditional God of Tamil – as the presiding Deity
  • Preserve and enhance the role of Tamil in the religious, philosophical, meditative and yogic activities
  • Undertake other related activities, consistent with the above objectives

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Next to the icon of the standing Ganesha on the wall is the figure of a person seated beneath a banyan tree with one leg crossed and the right hand of the lower arm showing a sign called the ‘chin mudra’. This icon is called Thedchanaamoorthy. Moorthy means God and Thedchanaa means South, referring to the God facing the South, a particular form of Lord Siva as a Guru, in fact as The Guru of all Gurus! The silent message imparted by his ‘chin mudra’ is that if one discards the three basic impurities ( malams) – Ego, excessive Desires and Illusion out of ignorance, in him/her, one’s individual soul ( represented by the fore finger) will unite with Absolute Divinity ( represented by the thumb), thus forming a ring.