Primary objects of the association are:

  • Provide forum, place premises and /or facilities for the worship, prayer, teachings and other related religious and philosophical activities, based on Saivam and the Tamil Language
  • Undertake the provision and continued operation and maintenance of a place of worship with Lord Murugan, the traditional God of Tamil – as the presiding Deity
  • Preserve and enhance the role of Tamil in religious, philosophical, meditative and yogic activities and
  • Undertake other related activities, consistent with the above objects, including: 
    • Provision of publication and materials for dissemination of knowledge towards the achievement of these objects;
    • Conducting research, seminars and workshops
    • Conducting worship, prayers, functions etc; and
    • Providing an opportunity for understanding and promoting Saivam both as a philosophy and as a way of life.

The complementary objects will be those related to the Educational, Cultural, Social, Linguistic and Historical activities that will:

  • Enhance and preserve the role of the Tamil Language in cultural, educational, and community activities including linguistic and cultural instructions such as literature, art, music and dance;
  • Foster social and cultural harmony through the provision of appropriate forums and publications for the mutual understanding of the people of different communities;
  • Establish and maintain a library with materials predominantly based on Tamil Language, Culture, Hostory, Philosophy, Religion and related fields; and
  • Undertake other related activities, consistent with the above objects, including:
  • Publishing of newsletters and educational materials;
  • Sponsoring or conducting research in related areas;
  • Sponsoring of traditional arts, music and other related educational / cultural activities;
  • Providing opportunities for understanding and / or learning the traditional values and social concepts by participating in appropriate roles; and
  • Conducting cultural functions and ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, etc.

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