Lord Murugan (Sydney Murugan) is the main deity at the Sydney Murugan temple. He is the second son of Lord Siva and Parvathi and youngest brother of Lord Ganesha, He is the Lord of righteousness, who protects dharma by destroying evil. Murugan in Tamil means un-decaying beauty and ever lasting youth. Lord Murugan is known as Kandha, Subramanya, Shanmuga and Karthikeya. Lord Murugan is the most popular God amongst Tamils. He has two consorts, Valli (symbolizing desire) and Devasena (symbolizing power of action).

He also has in His hand a “VEL” which represents wisdom and removes ignorance. The “VEL” is not a mere weapon. It is a deity in its own right. The vehicle of Lord Muruga is peacock., which symbolizes ego causing unpredictable behaviour in human beings. This conveys the idea that control of one’s ego is necessary for spiritual advancement.

The “VEL” has the three attributes of wisdom with its deep stem representing a deep understanding, the breadth of the blade representing wide knowledge and its sharpness representing a sharp intellect.

Karthigai Theepam, a festival of lights is the foremost annual festival to Lord Murugan celebrated on the Full Moon Day of the Tamil month of Karthigai (November – December)

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