Hindus believe in astrology for which nine planets are considered important. For purpose of astrology, the Sun, though a star is considered as a planet. Two of the nine are really not planets but nodes called ‘Rahu and Kethu’. Some planets are considered benefic and generally doing good (for example, Jupiter) and some are considered malefic ( example Saturn) or generally doing harm to individuals. So we Hindus pay some respect to these planets too which are considered as semi gods so that the good planets do us good and the bad planets do not harm us. 

It could be noticed that the Sun is placed in the centre and this has been so from ancient times as Hindus knew that all the planets go round the Sun. The different planet icons are draped in clothes of different colours signifying the respective planets. For example Mars, the red planet is draped in red. Saturn the cold dark planet is draped in black and the two luminous planets, the Moon and Venus are draped in white

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