Goddess Parvathi is regarded as the power and divine consort of Lord Siva. As the mother of universe, Parvathi is known as Ambal, which means “Divine Mother”. She gives us Her eternal care, protection and nourishment. Goddess Parvathi has a charming personality. As Lalitha (another name of Parvathi), she represents the aspects of beauty. Married women adore Parvathi for her happy married life. Picture of Lord Siva, Parvathi and their sons Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan depicts an ideal example of family unity and love.

The Divine Mother has three phases of action characterized as Saraswathi, Luxmi and Durga.. We worship Saraswathi to obtain wisdom, Luxmi to gain wealth and Durga to get rid of troubles. There is an annual nine-nights festival called Navarathiri for these three forms of Divine Mother conducted in the Tamil month of Puraddathi (September – October).

The chosen vehicle of Divine Mother is the same as that of Lord Siva, the holy cow. The cow represents righteousness and charity and in fact the highest form of charity.

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