Lord Siva is the Supreme God of Saivism, one of the three main branches of Hinduism (the others being Vaisnavism & Shaktism) practiced in India today. The Sydney Murugan temple follows Saivism. In Saivite temples, the prime shrine is for Lord Siva Himself or another member of the Siva family with four members in all. The other three members are Parvathi or Meenadchi, the consort of Lord Siva, Lord Ganesha , the first son of Lord Siva and Lord Murugan, the second son of Lord Siva. 

Lord Siva is worshipped in two forms. One as a Siva Linga (represents Sivam and Sakthi in one) and the other in a human form. The human form has several varieties. The most important of them are Nataraja - the dancing posture and Dakshinamoorthy - the teacher instructing the four sages on the Absolute Truth. In images, He is generally represented as immersed in deep meditation.

Though there are several gods in the Hindu  pantheon, three of them are considered primary and have the following attruibutes:

G for Generation (Creation) by Brahma

O for Operation (Sustenance) by Vishnu

D for Dissolution (Destruction) by Ruththiran

Hinduism says that the process of birth, life and death takes place in a cyclic manner repeated until each soul ultimately attains liberation from these cycles and becomes one with God. This process is determined purely by one’s actions or “karma”

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